Delightful Reveal #48

A bi-weekly update on all things Flagrant

Jack Permenter
By Jack Permenter
February 26, 2024

“That’s how software works, we go into people’s dreams at night.”

What we did:

  • Allll of the bug fixes/improvements – made a lot of progress polishing an upcoming release.
  • Allowed users to upload Attachments for specific Trainees within Training Tracker.
  • Allowed users to group a table of trainee tasks by their underlying task type.
  • Flagrant Newsletter signup forms added to the footers on the the Flagrant and Madison Ruby websites.
  • Began collaboratively planning for discovery to inform our direction for our next “epicycle” of work.
  • Welcomed Risa Goodman to the team!
  • Held a meeting about how to come to whole-company agreements about things (the Agreements Agreement).
  • Helped Risa onboard with many supportive and warm conversations.
  • Shipped designs for some Training Tracker Giveaway items.
  • Reached out to a printer to begin creating custom coloring books for Madison+ Ruby.
  • Began work on a logo rebranding.
  • Participated in QA testing for our client.
  • Jumped back into text messaging UI for a client. Updating based on feedback received from users.
  • Deployed a big feature for our client.
  • Pre-board summited to begin the conversation of 2024 goals and reflect on 2023 goals achieved or to do.
  • Madison+ Ruby social media template tweaks.
  • Announced across all our social media platforms that Madison+ Ruby’s registration is officially open and calling for sponsors!
  • Made a new Flagrant social media template.
  • Reworked a currency input to support mobile by hijacking the keypress event and entering the key strokes by hand; who needs browsers anyhow…
  • Hacked into paper_trail configuration to track price changes of services from associated content model.
  • Published an article on Authority Magazine: Jim Remsik of Flagrant: Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Launched My Business or Startup.
  • Interviewed with Monolithic vs. Microservices with Flagrant’s Jim Remsik.
  • Interviewed with Code with Jason: Episode 212 - Usability Testing with Andrew Maier
  • Published an article on SDTimes: “Just Make it Pretty?” Tips for Designers When Client Feedback is Lacking with Kelly Rauwerdink

What we’re reading:

What we’re watching:

What we’re listening to:

What we’re interested in:

What we’re struggling with:

  • Fish (no context)
  • Covid
  • Time.
  • Sleep
  • Blurry eyes after computer all day
  • The Louisiana legislature’s special session on crime that’s pushing a bunch of harmful stuff through to vote at lightning speed :(
  • Identifying and attempting to manage stress :(
  • wrestling with requirements and logic around when and how to apply buffers to expenses and ran into an interesting little issue with our custom decorators and how they handle an ActiveRecord_Associations_CollectionProxy vs. an ActiveRecord::Relation. 
  • Fever, chills, loss of appetite
  • Boundary setting
  • AI representation of me from a prompt in Photoshop.

What we’re buying:

  • A new weather station for my home so I can validate what my eyes see
  • The next book in a book series
  • An over desk phone mount, so my brothers and I can play long distance Magic the Gathering. 
  • This dino sticker 🦖

What we’re celebrating:

  • Successful glaze tests of a new recipe in the most recent kiln unload
  • Concacaf W Gold Cup tournament happening now (first year for women’s soccer 🔥)
  • Pandebonos
  • All the love we’re getting from past Madison+ Ruby attendees ❤️
  • This thank you gift from Fly Media Productions

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