2024 Predictions

Tech Trends, Challenges, and a Wild Ride

Jim Remsik
By Jim Remsik
January 31, 2024

The year ahead offers both opportunity and pitfalls. Augmented reality (AR) is finally set to make real gains, hype around artificial intelligence (AI) will be grounded, and with an election year promising plenty of volatility, there’s no telling how markets and directions could change. That said, keep an eye on the following trends and predictions, and strap yourself in for what is sure to be a wild ride in 2024. 

AI hype and changing expectations

AI hype is at an all-time high. For non-technical audiences and casual observers, AI will either solve every problem society has or unleash unimaginable chaos. The fact is, AI right now is just large language models and predictive text, capable of producing valuable results, but underwhelming for those expecting sensational developments. As new solutions are introduced in 2024, and people see AI has its limits, the hype will come back to earth and expectations will become realistic.

The Monolith Makes a Comeback

The monolith architecture will make a comeback and give microservices some competition 2024. When small services are built as the default they can break up before efficiency increases are understood. They’ll still be useful for new innovation, but with employee turnover, companies risk having no one versed in services written by coworkers who have moved on. A monolith, particularly in a team with shared skills and culture, will provide greater consistency in delivery, support and overall business operations.

Ahh, “F*** it”

Companies and employees are going to look for more, and take bigger chances, given the uncertainty of these times. With wars on two continents involving the U.S., and domestic attempts to disrupt the Republic, people are holding their collective breath. When faced with a disaster for too long, people eventually will say “f*** it” and move ahead. Companies and employees are tired of putting off their plans and will take action, whether that means demanding an overdue raise or launching a long stalled initiative.

A Murky Talent Pool 

While a market correction seems to have spurred greater availability of talent, some pros with strong skill sets still aren’t making themselves available. Having been laid off, and with money in the bank, they just haven’t needed to find another job - at least not yet. As a result, insight into the talent pool is murky at best, a scenario that will continue until companies offer better compensation packages or individual savings are drained. 

Augmented reality takes root

In 2024, AR will take root in business, especially in sectors like supply change management and manufacturing. Robotics may pick products in warehouses, but human involvement is still needed. However, AR is empowering employees to do more and the applications are expanding. Additionally, consumer AR headsets will take off, driven by Apple’s entry into the market, with early adopters bringing them into the workplace as they did with the iPad. 

Developers in Demand

Automation in software development aims to reduce engineering tasks, however, it’s not yet ready for prime time and gaps are showing. Automation might be useful for template type work but it can’t produce novel solutions. Further, it’s been limited to basic implementations, and a lack of understanding on how to proceed poses issues. So, regardless of automation, there will remain great demand for experienced developers.

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