What's Alive For You?

Remote life got real at the Flagrant Summit

Morgan Moran
By Morgan Moran
April 05, 2022

No one wants to read about another company’s summit. Shit, most companies don’t want to read about their own summit. What IS helpful to read is how a “non-essential” investment like a summit can light a thousand soul fires inside your company. Especially if your company is remote-first.

The Vibe.

Second-ever summit. 12 people. 3 newbs. One ginormo airbnb house in the woods of Lake Geneva, WI. Will the introverts strike against the extroverts at midnight?

Flagrant team members, Yossef and Amanda, strike poses

The Best Breakfast Club Ever.

On one groggy morning, between sips of coffee, a Flagrant developer by the name of Jonathan Greenburg led a conversation prompt, the namesake of this post.

What’s Alive For You Right Now?

Everyone took turns around the table discussing the life events that were bubbling to the surface. Between tears (and more coffee) we realized that Zoom can only facilitate so much openness.

The Emphasis on To-Be vs To-Do.

Let me tell you now that there wasn’t a whiff of trust fall. Nor was the atmosphere aggressively work-focused. We had a Company Sticky Note Game and some positioning conversations, sure.

Joyce displaying excitment over sticky notes

But the overarching rule was: Connect.


Meet these glorious people that you see every day yet have never plugged a toilet around!

There was a cooking class.

Cody trying to flip vegtables

Kelly and Gina prepared a killer salad

And cross-stiching.

The team cross-stiching

Kaylee taking pride in her cross-stitched llama

And cry-laughing games of Telestrations.

The team feverishly doodling

The outcome of a sucessful round of telestrations

And movie nights. And space to write hype letters to one another to combat Imposter Syndrome. Also, something called A(wk)wards which recognized the weird in every employee with a special gift.

We even doled out our own Garbage Pail Kids.

Custom Flagrant Garbage Pail Kids

The After.

Remember back in school when you planned your first sleepover? You and your classmate kicked ass at MASH but had never eaten cheesy poofs all night together while playing N64? And what came after - if you didn’t call your mom with homesick tears - was a glorious realization that you have found your person, and you’ll do everything in your power to set them up for success?

A loving team photo

Yeah, this was kind of like that.

Instead of sending your work peeps to a pricey leadership conference, consider talking about nothing and sharing everything in an airbnb in the woods.

To the beat of excellent music, of course.

If you’re looking for a team to help you discover the right thing to build and help you build it, get in touch.