Delightful Reveal #2

A weekly update on all things Flagrant

Jim Remsik
By Jim Remsik
January 23, 2023

What we did

  • Took Monday off in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. 
  • Held a management summit. Reviewed the state of the organization, and project-related updates. Discussed billing policies and code of conduct
  • Drafted letters welcoming Amy and Jack to the team (intro posts forthcoming!)
  • We worked as a team to collaboratively write this summary. After deliberations, the team agreed on an emoji A multi-colored disembodied nose with arms dancing back and forth to indicate in Slack when something should be reviewed for inclusion in our next reveal
  • On their project the Tiger Team of Amanda, Andrew, Glynnis, JB, & Jonathan

    • Held a kickoff outlining the scope for this quarter’s work (problem statements, objectives, success metrics, etc.)
    • Updated our user stories and began sketching to agree initial acceptance criteria and identify outstanding questions for design research
    • Added metrics using the wonderful suite of tools generously offered and maintained by Andrew Kane: Ahoy, GroupDate, Chartkick, all battle-tested on Instacart. Thanks, Andrew!
    • Implemented a responsive design
  • Fixed the texting feature on a project. The application texting service had broken due to an outdated gem. Last week we removed and rewrote the portions of the gem that we would need
  • Two clients are spinning up product efforts
  • Chris was able to come up with a query for a project that was able to produce exactly what he wanted: getting the 6 most recent points earned by 6 different students

What we’re reading

What we’re listening to



What we’re watching

What we’re struggling with

  • Sleep
  • Migraines and body aches
  • Imposter Syndrome 
  • Depression
  • Toasting the perfect bagel 

What we’re interested in

  • SQL query for a recent leaderboard. Using window functions with `rank()` to pick the most recent item.
  • Responsive Design Patterns—still super useful after all these years.
  • Cursor nature preserves and parking lots
  • You feel like shit - favorite mental health resource for when you have no spoons or are in crisis or are just flailing and need a hand or someone to “walk you through”. It’s got tons of gentle suggestions for when things are rough.
  • Video games that are being played: God of War, God of War: Ragnarok, Overcooked 2, Ori: Will of the Wisps, Windbound, Hades, Breath of the Wild

What we’re buying

  • Hot glue, fake lily pads, sparkly pants, fake eyelashes, and other costume supplies for making a koi fish Mardi Gras costume for marching in an all redhead sub krewe of the Red Beans parade
  • King cake. Disclaimer: Don’t eat the baby

What we’re celebrating 

  • Kudos to Cody for throwing up a signal flare last week about struggling on his project. We often don’t have as much insight about what other folks are struggling with unless they share. Standup today was a great example of that and kudos to you all for sharing what you’re feeling this week.
  • Pairing of Max, Cody and Jonathan where Max is being onboarded for a new client and the ramp up on knowledge transfer.
  • Glynnis jumping in to take over designs for the next Cycle of the Tiger team project
  • Finn poops a solid! Amanda’s dog Finn, The Best Dog™, found a random hot dog on his walk last week that caused *ahem* digestive discomfort for many days.
  • Yossef made Joyce a poplar wood recipe box

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