Delightful Reveal #14

A weekly update on all things Flagrant

Joyce Jia Hu
By Joyce Jia Hu
April 17, 2023

“I think Glynnis just dragged a bodybag into the room.”

What we did:

  • Bought tickets to the Studio Ghibli museum
  • Created a how-to for identifying the ethics of potential clients
  • Interviewed and analyzed findings for user research; created personas to inform our problem statement workshop; and held a problem statement workshop to guide a new development project over the summer
  • Began creating our user story triage to prepare for our findings presentation
  • Created a Slack bot to periodically prompt the team with icebreaker questions!
  • Interviewed Learn Academy participants from the 2023 Alpha cohort to prepare them for “real world” interviews.
  • Coaching businesses as they go through 12 weeks of the Doyenne Triple Threat Venture Training
  • Booked travel to RailsConf 2023 in Atlanta
  • Made final revisions to the Fuel Maintenance sidecar application 
  • Took in feedback from client to finish out steps on the email wizard and began work on refreshing the marketing site
  • Mentored 3 students from Madison College on their portfolios before their final portfolio show to help them shape and sharpen their skills at presenting their work.

What we’re reading:

  • The Manager’s Path: A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth and Change by Camille Fournier (StoryGraph)
  • The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph by Ryan Holiday (StoryGraph)
  • Your Emergency Contact Has Experienced an Emergency by Chen Chen (BOAEditions)
  • Dessert Person: Recipes and Guidance for Baking With Confidence by Claire Saffitz (DessertPerson)
  • Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion by Paul Bloom (StoryGraph)
  • Walkaway by Cory Doctorow (StoryGraph)
  • How to Evaluate a Code Base by Sonjara (Sonjara)
  • The Suitcase retro: closing a phase of work by Emily Webber (Emily Webber
  • Riddle solved: Why was Roman concrete so durable? by David L. Chandler (MIT News

What we’re watching:

  • BEEF (Netflix)
  • Black Travel Across America (Disney+)
  • Tiny Beautiful Things (Hulu)
  • Shrinking (AppleTV)
  • Succession (HBO)
  • Critical Role Campaign 2: The Mighty Men (Critical Role)
  • Perry Mason (HBO)
  • The Last of Us +1 (but slowly) (HBO
  • Star Trek: Picard Season 3 (Paramount)
  • A Lifelong Mathematical Obsession (YouTube)

What we’re listening to:

  • America’s First Food Spy (Sidedoor)
  • Rumors by Fleetwood Mac (Spotify)
  • Kris Ulrich  - Friends On the Internet (YouTube
  • Say She She - Reeling [OFFICIAL AUDIO] (YouTube)
  • Back from the Abyss: Psychiatry in Stories by Craig Heacock MD (Apple Podcast)

What we’re interested in:

What we’re struggling with:

  • Saving state without persistence (or React)
  • Getting back into skateboarding
  • Houses
  • Race conditions with uniqueness validations
  • Broken cat butt problems
  • Never getting the chance to visit Star Trek: The Experience when it was still around

What we’re buying:

What we’re celebrating:

  • Getting back to the lathe and finishing a batch of pens
  • Getting back into skateboarding
  • Getting to work collaboratively on a project with team members from a partner company
  • Houses

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