Delightful Reveal #56

A bi-weekly update on all things Flagrant

Joyce Hu
By Joyce Hu
June 17, 2024

“In the event of an emergency, I can crochet.”

What we did:

  • Quick Wins are live on our website!
  • Listened to an interview with a satisfied client to pick out some choice testimonial quotes
  • Started drafting a strategy-focused case study for our work with GroupCollect
  • Road-tripped to Atlanta by way of Washington, DC.
  • Responded to questions about our proposal
  • Attended Agile In The Ether
  • Attended a researcher check-in for the Comparative Interview Study
  • Learned about mime types and got to work with them in a client project
  • Held a pre-sales retrospective to inform future sales process
  • Helping an external connection market themselves as a resource for Wisconsin communities on human trafficking prevention and support
  • Updates to the website to better represent our services, short engagement possibilities with clients, and some of the methods we draw on in our process
  • Held a kickoff meeting with a new client. We’re building them a design library to support growth, allowing them to expand what they offer their customers.
  • Made strides forward on the Training Tracker upgrade and redesign project; launching Wednesday, June 19th.
  • Refurbished and deployed changes to the QR Code assignment scanner, The billing page, The turbo table filtering, and the user Invitation features
  • Created concept mood boards for a rebrand
  • Began working on designing a Capabilities Statement for Training Tracker
  • Recreated the Major Donor Program for Ruby Central in PowerPoint
  • Started the process of registering Flagrant with
  • Attended a WNB.rb book club
  • Announced New Madison+ Ruby Meetups:

What we’re reading:

What we’re playing:

  • Diablo 4
  • Baldur’s Gate 3
  • Stardew Valley
  • UNO
  • Connect Four

What we’re watching:

What we’re listening to:

What we’re interested in:

  • Fly casting methods for spring runoff, cool bugs trout love
  • Playing Vecna: Eve of Ruin for 24 hours over the course of a weekend
  • Building a Pretty Good House
  • Chips mugs

What we’re struggling with:

  • The strange (at times) frailty of the human body +2
  • The paddling part of stand up paddling
  • Sleep ( this feels like a permanent part of this list? ) +1
  • Learning Coda and all its fanciness
  • Learning a new code base and working with a new suite of tools
  • Dog with an infected butt
  • Setting up a new desk/computer peripherals

What we’re buying:

  • Calcium carbonate, bentonite, and other dry chemistry for the clay studio
  • Gold luster for a luster firing (making pottery gold and shiny) soon
  • Ergonomic wrist rests
  • DPR Ian tickets
  • The Cactus Blossoms tickets
  • A hammock
  • Tickets to a local performance of The Importance of Being Earnest
  • Giant puzzle table thing that Glynnis shared for my dad on dad’s day
  • A Kryptonite lock for little sister’s new electric Rad bike
  • A new Canon lens
  • Antibiotics for dog with infected butt

What we’re celebrating:

  • The gays 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
  • Drag bingo
  • Joined my local gym’s summer ‘Climbing League’.  
  • Birthing Class!
  • Being able to have an extra day of playing volleyball
  • Setting up a new desk/computer peripherals

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