Delightful Reveal #46

A bi-weekly update on all things Flagrant

Jack Permenter
By Jack Permenter
January 30, 2024

“That shipping forecast is a bop.”

What we did:

  • Released a big feature for our client that allows tour coordinators to create quotes with custom occupancy packages.
  • Added logic to confirm leave functionality that only shows the confirmation when a user has made a change to the form.
  • Completed a more-detailed analysis of our last round of user research (on “buffering”, if you must know). Compiled four interview summaries with highlight reels, discussed takeaways, and prioritized questions for follow-on research.
  • Reviewed adoption OKRs in light of our research findings.
  • Held a bi-weekly check-in with our early adopter-in-chief, and invited her to our bi-weekly data working group to discuss data governance options while adopting the system. Wrote down the options for governing data as we understand them.
  • Compiled documents and research presentations/reports for on-boarding a product manager.
  • Sent offer letters to two candidates.
  • Implemented the search and results front-end.
  • Dug into MapBox.
  • Demoed a signup process customization proof-of-concept to a client, who enthusiastically approved following that direction.
  • Reviewed a draft of our upcoming usability research plan and identified discovery goals for our next round of research.
  • Started working on a blog post about the creation of our Flagrant Gift Boxes. :D 
  • Wrapped up Training Tracker giveaway card designs, and sent them to get printed.
  • Talked with the vendor about printing issues and took steps to improve the design before the print job to allow for fewer mistakes.
  • Made progress on an internal design project.
  • Got the okay on some coffee bags to purchase.
  • Wrapped up MVP delivery on A People’s History of Tech: The Mobile Phone.
  • Played with some meta-programming to create an attr_initialized method that structures the initialize signature for Ruby classes and assigns instance variables in one fell swoop. 
  • Worked with a House of Colour stylist to determine color season and clothing ideas for headshots and public speaking.
  • Worked on Training Tracker giveaway items (separate from the cards).
  • Updating the RailsConf website to announce the Call for Proposals is now open!
  • Started adding post themes for future announcements on the RailsConf website.
  • Connected with organizers of DataTune Conference (March 8–9, 2024 in Nashville, TN) to talk about how to design the best experience for attendees.
  • Working with Bobbilee from Lodged Out on the preplanning for the next Flagrant Summit.

What we’re reading:

What we’re watching:

What we’re listening to:

What we’re interested in:

What we’re struggling with:

  • Big weather changes (VA is apparently already in spring or early summer, but second winter is coming)
  • This document jumping around as people edit sections above this
  • A very stubborn home seller +1
  • Baby is overdue/late a week :(
  • Zoom deciding that this time it won’t join audio
  • Sleep +1
  • Food poisoning
  • Mortality of older pets

What we’re buying:

  • Pyjamas
  • Aromatherapy / diffuser
  • Looked at, but did not purchase, a Flomask

What we’re celebrating:

  • Finally making decent sourdough bread.
  • Hiring! This is an amazing and kind team, and we’re lucky to have been in a position to hire. All of the great work that went into designing and executing a new hiring process.
  • Booking a trip to Mexico, Miami, & Key West. +1
  • 70 degree day after a week of bitter cold and then heavy rains.
  • Painting! 
  • Prepping prints for an upcoming art sale :)
  • huge, huge shoutout to SaVance, Jim, and Cody for working SO HARD and so many extra hours on PHOT! It looks awesome and ta​​lk about serious commitment.
  • SaVance showed a neat trick in the chrome explorer and it’s kind of a game changer!

    • You can click on the little ‘flex’ / ‘grid’ pills, within the HTML elements tab, and that will highlight the flex / grid container and show you more clearly exactly how it is positioning its children, and gutters and such.
    • THE COOLEST part is that, it persists through refreshes, AND without having to have your cursor hovering over the elements. It is really helpful when you are flexing things multiple layers deep, and need just a smidgen of help visualizing what is going on.

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