Val-idated Creatives Part 2

Who are some of your favorite creatives?

Valenzia Cina
By Valenzia Cina
April 08, 2024

Hello! I’m back again to share more creatives. This installation is a bit heavier on the painterly side, a style I find to be deeply moving and inspiring. I hope you also gain some insight from these amazing creators!

Riso Chan

With her vibrant and expressive strokes and combination of both digital and traditional media, Riso Chan, (whose full name is Angela Maria Sierra), has been a favorite of mine for many years now. She explores the world through color and line, not shying away from creating bold marks. Riso Chan has many resources, and classes and shares a lot of her process on Instagram.

An illustration from Riso Chan

Darren Butcher

The expression and human-ness that Butcher is able to capture in his work is amazing to behold. My favorite pieces are his collages of faces. Each is unique and has so much personality. The brush stroke style Butcher uses is clean but has a sense of relaxation and freedom. I love seeing his process on the pieces he creates, the sketches, and seeing the references he uses. He often has his followers submit their pictures for him to use as references which I think is a super cool way to involve the audience into the creation process.

An illustration by Darren Butcher

Mirin Kou

Now this is one of my absolute favorite people to follow! Every time Kou posts, it brings me a spark of joy. The medium that they use is so different from what I have done in the past so it always fascinates me to see the process and the vision Kou has when looking at a piece of wood. Their characters have so many subtle expressions and messages.

An illustration by Mirin Kou

Anoosha Syed

Anoosha Syed is a more recent find for me. I was looking for illustrators to follow that focus on children’s books and I happened to come across her page. Syed uses both traditional and digital art in her process, sometimes combining them. She’s talked about the pros and cons of each workflow and how it has impacted her work. She is an amazing artist and teacher, generously offering her learnings and journey as a guide to new illustrators interested in building their careers. Not only will she dazzle with her beautiful subjects and use of color, but you will also learn sooo much along the way!

An illustration by Anoosha Syed

Vanessa Gillings

Soft, whimsical, and elegant are the three words I would use to describe the work of Vanessa Gillings. She mainly uses gouache for her illustrations and has a very natural palette that contributes to her works’ organic and calm feel. Her characters feel timeless and nostalgic, making me want to cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate and draw.

An illustration by Vanessa Gillings

Thank you for reading this blog to the end. I always love sharing beautiful art and inspiration and I hope you enjoyed the content provided here! I would love to hear about your favorite creative so please feel free to tag me in some work or leave a comment on who I should check out! Again, thanks for reading!

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