Val-idated Creatives

Creatives that I turn to for inspiration

Valenzia Cina
By Valenzia Cina
December 18, 2023

As an artist and designer, I am always looking for inspiration. One of my favorite ways to do this is by following creators whose art, skill, and passion make me want to push my own skills further. Over the years, I’ve discovered many creatives that do just that. The list ranges from ceramicists to illustrators to tattoo artists and so much more. Without further jabbering, here are 5 Val-idated (get it? ;) ) creatives from my current collection:

  1. Janice Sung  This is an illustrator/painter & designer whom I have been following since 2019. Her use of color and shape was what drew me to her content from the very beginning. I have loved watching her traditional and digital work style evolve over the years.

  2. Chantel Horeis  An artist whose style I have adored for many years. I remember scrolling through Pinterest and coming across one of her posts, her depiction of light and movement drew me in and I’ve been following her ever since. What I find very interesting about her art is that while she generally stays within a limited color palette, her art never feels repetitive. Her compositions are always fresh and unique.

  3. Chogiseok Yes, another Pinterest find haha! Chogiseok is a photographer based in South Korea and I discovered their work a few years ago while looking for photo references. Photography has always been something that I enjoyed and used as a tool in my art process, but Chogiseok’s work is on another level. Their subject matter, attention to detail, scenes, and stories amaze me each time. 

  4. Heegyum Kim Texture, texture, texture!! Kim Heegyum is an artist that I have recently discovered, this time while looking into illustration, specifically children’s book illustration. There are a lot of children’s book illustrators that I love, but Kim’s traditional approach is truly captivating. Her texture and expression are so fun, that it makes me want to pick up brush and paint all day.

  5. Kamila (_kamkami_) This designer is someone I found through Instagram. One thing I really enjoy about her content is the behind-the-scenes process she shows on her journey of making a brand. I especially love seeing the thought process while creating a logo system, something that I find to be very challenging. Since watching her work and observing her process, I have learned a lot about logo systems and used her as inspiration when I tackled my own personal brand. 

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading and I hope you were able to find some inspiration in at least one of these creative works. Please check out their full works if you get the chance, they have so much to look at and learn from. Again, thanks for reading!

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