Many voices. One Flagrant.

August 2023

Delightful Reveal #31

We hosted a southern-themed potluck, delivered reports multiple times, and booked lodging for our Madison visitors. But what’s got us celebrating? Our new desk chair, funky little chive and cow pens, and sharing the magic of fantasy books with a thrilled seven-year-old listener before bed each...

Jack Permenter
By Jack Permenter
August 14, 2023

Fixing a Common N+1 Query

ActiveRecord can be so seamless, that it can make something that’s relatively costly in the DB look cheap in terms of characters you need to type. One place where this crops up is in an N+1 Query. Set the scene Let’s say we have a common “Posts” with “Comments” structure of something. Here...

Chris Wilson
By Chris Wilson
August 10, 2023

Delightful Reveal #30

“This is a nightmare of weirdness but it seems to work.” What we did: Had a meeting with Metis Communications to talk about how to let the world know we’re here. Looked forward and set SMART goals for the next six months for Valenzia, Jonathan B, and Jonathan G via Sticky Note...

Jack Permenter
By Jack Permenter
August 07, 2023