Delightful Reveal #37

A weekly update on all things Flagrant

Joyce Jia Hu
By Joyce Jia Hu
September 25, 2023

“My mind palace is too full of penguins to hold any user data.”

What we did:

  • Saw co-workers in person!
  • Generated a Driver’s Citation Report to assist companies in keeping track of Driver Performance. 
  • Added a User Action audit log to a client app
  • Sketched ideas for a coffee brand/bag art 
  • Nearly completed a client’s 13 Ghouls drawings and typography
  • Started researching/working on a RailsConf splash page and logo
  • Had dinner with coworkers in person
  • Started thinking about/conceptualizing a Flagrant mascot
  • Designed a solution for creating expenses from templates and prepared a clickable prototype of the concept to test with users in research sessions next week
  • Strategized ways to improve our workflow to ensure we are working on the right things and keeping users at the center of what we do
  • Upgraded to a beefier database for production
  • Added automated logging of “user actions”
  • Making tweaks to stickers to add a Flagrant flare 🎉
  • Gave feedback to a external developer so that they can update and improve a marketing website designed a few weeks back

What we’re reading:

What we’re watching:

What we’re listening to:

What we’re interested in:

What we’re struggling with:

  • flaky tests (especially automated web clicky-click tests)  +1
  • Imposter syndrome
  • American exceptionalism

What we’re buying:

  • “Nation of Language” concert tickets
  • Cake
  • Colectivo coffee
  • Pumpkin Spice things +1

What we’re celebrating:

  • Joyce shared sushi cats with the people who were in person in Madison this past week. I was able to snag shake-boo
  • Ha Long Bay in Madison has a spring roll with an eggroll on the inside 🤤
  • Meeting coworkers in person! 
  • Getting to see (and meet) so many wonderful people at a friend’s wedding

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