Delightful Reveal #17

A weekly update on all things Flagrant

Jack Permenter
By Jack Permenter
May 08, 2023

“Arborist only differs from ‘arsonist’ by two letters”

What we did:

  • Coordinated between teams to understand our common visual design dependencies on some upcoming client branding decisions.
  • Brainstormed about how to educate our clients about the best practices of user story writing in an agile environment.
  • Worked with Ruby Central to create a mailing list for Ruby and Rails community organizers.
  • Had deep conversations as a team to converge on user flows and began outlining a product roadmap for our delivery phase.
  • Created a drag and drop interface for audience building.
  • Organized internal documentation.
  • Retired a WizardComponent and a bunch of code along with it.
  • Managed nested attributes solely with Reform without assist from ActiveRecord.
  • Communicated between Stimulus controllers using CustomEvent.
  • Got inspired to dig into the Reform gem code looking for a way to populate the ExpenseForm without having to call validations and sure enough there was an easy public method to do that. Resulting in getting rid of some messy code and making the whole expense flow cleaner. It now is more fully embracing the expected patterns with Reform.
  • Played self-care BINGO.

What we’re reading:

  • Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao (XiranJayZhao) colored concept art of the mechas are viewable on their website!

What we’re watching:

What we’re listening to:

What we’re interested in:

What we’re struggling with:

  • A huge pile of mulch
  • The housing market
  • Trees
  • A dripping shower head
  • Reactive dogs at the dog park
  • When you unsubscribe from an email and jump through all the hoops and STILL GET EMAILS FROM THEM.
  • Excessively windy weather
  • Rainy weekends when trying to plan a pool date
  • AI concerns and thoughts and feelings and will I have a job

What we’re buying:

What we’re celebrating:

  • Jonathan for helping figure out a frustrating issue. I was able to end the day on a good note. Thank you!
  • Conversations with Jessie Shternshus
  • 70ºF weather
  • 80ºF weather
  • Fish Tacos
  • Free Pine River Dairy cheese spread from a neighbor who photographs the products

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