Delightful Reveal #43

A weekly update on all things Flagrant

Jack Permenter
By Jack Permenter
December 04, 2023

“Here’s the problem with humans…”

What we did:

  • Had a 1x1 with a client to check in on progress and talk about resourcing in the new year.
  • Used Ahoy gem to keep track of user events and created tables and graphs to meaningfully showcase those events.
  • Held a planning meeting and identified the work that remains before we can achieve our goal of the full adoption of our product by our first customer.
  • Deployed a major feature for GroupCollect Quotes allowing users to create a quote from a template. Relatedly, prepared for and held three usability tests to assess quote templating, and then debriefed
  • Continued planning for a remote friendly, multi-product team design studio.
  • Met with a product manager to scope a small research effort to inform a design iteration.
  • Created/reviewed a hypothesis-driven design Mural, and sketched possible solutions to inform acceptance criteria.
  • Made maple bacon cookies.
  • Introduced ourselves to someone who might participate in future user research efforts.
  • Reviewed a wireflow for rate maintenance with product owner and our earliest adopter.
  • Continued working on visual design for a new user group and redesigned the CSV upload experience.
  • Planned and held a workshop to review themes from our curator research and make sure upcoming work aligns with priorities.
  • Respectful Workplace training.
  • Worked on creating animations for the Madison+ Ruby website.
  • Worked on Flagrant sticker updates.
  • Created some possible Flagrant mascot options.
  • Worked on Training Tracker question card updates.
  • Used a Commentable module class variable to keep track of included commentable classes.
  • Participated in a CAT-Hiring meeting.
  • Allowed users to customize the number of records shown within a table view.
  • Transitioned Training Tracker upgrade branch to use ActiveStorage for file upload/storage .
  • Drafted 2024 company budget and submitted for review.
  • Made adjustments to Flagrant Coffee label + talked about bag and printing options.
  • Drafted a design and prototype for a text messaging wizard.

What we’re reading:

What we’re watching:

What we’re listening to:

What we’re interested in:

What we’re struggling with:

  • Making bugs dance.
  • Congestion.
  • Time. How is it December already?!
  • Finding time to be creative outside of work.

What we’re buying:

  • Holiday gifts from local shops and art markets.
  • Tickets to the Milwaukee Admirals game this saturday (semi-pro hockey team).
  • A winter jacket.
  • Fancy camping stuff from Snowpeak.
  • New tennis shoes and rubber boots.
  • A new dustpan and broom set.
  • Tales: Life story interview kit.

What we’re celebrating:

  • Mini Climbing trip to Utah. Getting humbled in the Hurricave.
  • Attending the International Children’s Literature Celebration: Folks and Fairy Tales tomorrow.
  • Brother in law is home after being deployed in Kuwait for the last year.
  • Started creating my parents new website.
  • Kelly helped me out and turned a gif into a slack emoji.
  • JB’s mom’s 77th birthday.
  • Feedback from client “I just want to say that your team blew me away today. The presentation was extremely impressive. I am thrilled that you were able to bring together these conversations. Well done and THANKS!!!!!”
  • Meet Hopalong Cassidy!

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