Join us in doing the not-normal thing.

Jim Remsik
By Jim Remsik
March 31, 2022

Hey, how ya doin? Whatcha been up to over the last 2 years which totally count as dog years?

This is a soul-check from your friends at Flagrant, who have been doing a lot of growing over the last 30 months.

Tweet: I could really go for some precedented times.

We started Flagrant in the thick of WTF times. And though it’s been hard, it has really opened us up to what a company can be. 

We’ve taken to heart advice from one of our advisors, Martin Atkins, who believes 80% of what you do should make sense and 20% of what you do should make no sense at all.

We’ve created a team that, on the surface, might not make the most sense for a software company (like a librarian, a writer and a former school administrator). But holy 🐄, here’s what’s come out of hiring for the person instead of the position:

  • An Experiments framework came into being! We pitch, vote on and champion all kinds of ideas. This means we carve out time at work to implement things like, “Start A Self-Care Workshop.” Rooted in the scientific method, there’s enough slack for jiggle-it-til-it-works energy too. Oh! And rule #1 is no experimenting on people without their consent.
  • As a consulting company we are often spread across multiple projects. We build time into our schedule to Reset and Recharge our own relationships in order to make us more effective individually and as small teams.
  • We Clap & Cringe in a weekly event designed to show that not all progress is in a straight-line, and not all projects or domains are as clean and simple as we’d prefer.
  • Stand-up for Designers invites design professionals who are unsupported on their teams into an hour session with us each week, getting feedback and insights they might not otherwise experience in a company of developers.
  • You won’t find any whiteboards in our Interview Process, rather we ask a few asynchronous questions, huddle up in our company Basecamp, and then the entire team meets on Zoom. In other words, we interview the way that we work.

All of this has led to a team that is supportive, trusting, open to feedback and hungry to create new opportunities for one another. A team that is greater than the sum of its individuals. Wanna be a part of that soul sandwich?

If you’re looking for a team to help you discover the right thing to build and help you build it, get in touch.