Happy Lunar New Year!

Wishing you love, dumplings, and all the Big Tiger energy

Joyce Jia Hu
By Joyce Jia Hu
February 11, 2022

As the 2022 Lunar New Year celebrations draws to a close, I am reflecting on how immensely grateful I am for this intense and magical time of year.

In these past few days, I experienced grief from losing an ancestor, joy in celebrations with family, deep thought-provoking conversations with coworkers, rest and healing with my chosen communities, and the power of being held by people I love and trust.

I got to have funfun dumpling-making shenanigans with friends that resulted in deliciously wonderful dumplings that came in ALLLLLL shapes and sizes.


I got to support my local temple and pray to my ancestors ❤️ Those that have just recently passed, those that passed so long ago, and those that I never got to meet.


And I got to take actions by leading and voicing and holding space for the healing work that we have ahead of us.


Yes, we’re still in a pandemic. Yes, anti-asian hate is still rooted in ignorance. Yes, we’re still coming to terms with our collective histories and future work as a global society.


I am a tiger and this is my 本命年. I’ve got a new boss who’s nick name is BIG TIGER!! AND I’ve got a wonderful work family that I’m excited to spend my life minutes doing this human centered work with.

Year of the tiger banner

🐯 Sending ALL THE BIG TIGER energy to you and your loved ones. I hope this water tiger year is full of love, joy, and wholehearted actions for all of us 🐯

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