Delightful Reveal #55

A bi-weekly update on all things Flagrant

Joyce Hu
By Joyce Hu
June 04, 2024

“Imagine being bullied via pas de bourrée.”

What we did:

  • Met Flagrant people in the wild at Summit! Also met some llamas and alpacas as we visited Clover Brooke Farms and made fiber art loofahs.
  • Updated sales assets and pricing sheets to help sell and detail a new text messaging platform for a client
  • Delivered a new Findings and Recommendations Report for a potential client
  • Assisting on the reworking and revamping of the Flagrant website to reflect new work, methods and offerings
  • Drove 30+hrs to the Catskill Mountains and back to Wisconsin for #worksummit
  • Worked on the Major Donor Program Guide for Ruby Central
  • Adapted a Product Management Maturity Model to help convey and benchmark where organizations are at so they know how to improve
  • Getting ready for our first Madison+ Ruby pre-show event in NYC, and we’ve got more events in the works!

What we’re reading:

What we’re watching:

What we’re listening to:

What we’re interested in:

  • Super bikes weekend at Road America
  • Candy-colored electronics
  • Painting amateur portraits of former political leaders in gouache
  • Pineapple Express - an atmospheric river

What we’re struggling with:

  • Chaotic week
  • Packing and organizing
  • Sleep +2
  • A five gallon batch of glaze I put an incorrect ingredient in
  • Pollen
  • A deer that hit my car in Ohio on our return from the summit 🙁
  • Packing up a household & cat for a month in the mountains near Lake Tahoe
  • The fact that The Great British Sewing Bee isn’t sewing outfits for a giant bee, nor is it a giant bee using its stinger as a needle to sew with
  • Possible covid in the house
  • A friend’s cancer diagnosis (waiting to find out more)

What we’re buying:

  • Home gym workout bench
  • Plane tickets to Taiwan/Japan
  • Paper bugs
  • Earring components for making more ceramic earrings
  • A license renewal for CleanShot, a screen capturing tool
  • So much stuff at Chicory Naturalist, an amazing shop focused on fungi, plants, and insects in Kingston, NY

What we’re celebrating:

  • Kelly recommended a financial advisor that I am starting to work with
  • Pickled vegetables are ready to eat
  • Having the daily meditation habit back
  • Finished “Intro to Motion Design” course
  • New season of Pachinko coming out in August (I recommend reading the book first!)
  • Flowers!
  • A childhood friend moving to town
  • Julia Evans’ new zine about Git: How Git Works
  • New hummingbird nest in the yard; third nest this year!
  • Finding the perfect ratio of chia seeds and milk for chia pudding
  • Reptiland in Pennsylvania
  • Jim and Jen were each independently selected to give talks at DevFest WI.

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