Delightful Reveal #53

A bi-weekly update on all things Flagrant

Joyce Hu
By Joyce Hu
May 06, 2024

“Sorry, my left key doesn’t work because my cat has stepped on it too much.”

What we did:

  • Thought deeply and consulted broadly about reorganizing all layers of our components on a project
  • Welcomed our first three beta testers in the system, reviewed recording of our manually onboarding them to (1) capture usability errors and (2) inform future onboarding content
  • Socialized a block diagram and flow diagram depicting a “linked record” concept, and wrote this up for prioritization on the roadmap
  • Picked up flowers from the farm that fulfills our bi-weekly flower subscription
  • Designed and presented an interim flow for users to be able to bulk add expenses to a quote from a template
  • Presented a concept to a client that could solve a few of the product MVP’s friction points
  • Using Javascript to prevent an error on auto form submission when a user clears a field 
  • Wrapped up RailsConf signage (digital and print)
  • Worked (and working) on RailsConf slideshow slides and last-minute signage adjustments
  • Accepted the role of Program Co-chair for RubyConf in Chicago in November
  • Held meetings to build connections and explore potential opportunities
  • Sent invitations to Madison+ Ruby Podcast guests and scheduled recordings
  • Training Tracker business card redesigns got printed
  • Had our first official Board meeting and took a bunch of notes
  • Identified spring sprint themes starting with “Enchantment Under the Sea”
  • Packing supplies for exhibiting at the Food Safety Summit in Chicago

What we’re reading:

What we’re watching:

  • X-Men ‘97
  • Knuckles (TV Series)
  • Fallout (and need a season 2 already!)
  • Baby Reindeer
  • Letterkenny (finished up, *sniff sniff*)
  • Shogūn
  • Ripley
  • Will & Grace
  • Doctor Slump
  • Conan O’Brian Must Go
  • Dr. Martin (season 6)
  • Top Chef: Wisconsin
  • Spirited Away
  • Challengers
  • The Green Planet

What we’re listening to:

What we’re interested in:

What we’re struggling with:

  • Pollen
  • Closing on a house (the next one)
  • Packing
  • Hiccups
  • Sore neck
  • People not understanding what constitutes a peaceful protest (+1)
  • Time is going by quickly
  • Stop Using Your Face or Thumb to Unlock Your Phone
  • Testing all the things for new software design
  • Planning for multiple timezones

What we’re buying:

  • NFC tags
  • Moving blankets galore
  • New bed for Finn
  • Some cute prints and stickers from ShooleyArt
  • Plane tickets to Albany for Flagrant retreat
  • Pachamama coffee
  • Tickets to see Ateez in Chicago this summer
  • Local coffee to exchange with other RailsConf attendees
  • Bluetooth lapel microphones

What we’re celebrating:

  • My formerly sprained ankle! Back to the gym.
  • Closing on a house
  • The birth of a Scrabble blanket
  • Elbow has healed enough to climb!
  • Sent invites to first guests for Madison+ Ruby Podcast
  • Getting so many speakers (TBD!) & sponsors for Madison+ Ruby 2024!!
  • A dog that’s almost done with her meds
  • Finding out no one is using an old feature which means we don’t need to include it the new software design.
  • A healing hairline fracture
  • Going to RailsConf! (gotta pack!)

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