Delightful Reveal #4

A weekly update on all things Flagrant

Joyce Jia Hu
By Joyce Jia Hu
February 06, 2023

Unveiling what’s been rumblin’ in Flagrant’s belly. 

What we did

  • Met with the CMO of our client to discuss branding timelines and our application’s value proposition
  • Discussed an improved Kanban-style workflow for our team using Linear
  • Expanded our responsive design/development using mobile ViewComponents.
  • Planned for user research. Created a clickable prototype in Balsamiq Cloud. Informed our acceptance criteria via three user research sessions (concept testing)
  • Planned for a Flagrant-wide workshop
  • Iterated on UI wireframes after a first meeting with users
  • Automated the generation, and delivery, of a daily report for a client
  • Wireframing out UI for multi tabs and filtering systems that are customizable…very complex system stuff while staying within legacy design patterns.
  • Met with freelancer Christine Maggi about possible future collaborations
  • Connected with Tanish Singh, Chief of Staff at Mighty Networks, on the power of community focused platforms, difficulties of building an inclusive culture with a fully remote team, and complexities in designing a virtual home base to support member owned co-ops
  • Learned how to create issue templates in Github
  • Started reaching out to our network to see what other opportunities exist for folks preparing to ramp down on efforts next month
  • Built out more process in our sales efforts
  • Made peanut butter cookies
  • Made a headdress for a Lundi Gras parade costume featuring white beans, fake pearls, giant bubbles, and fake lily padsA lovely white flower sits atop a few fake lily pads and is surrounded by large pearls and one large bubble
  • Illustrating a band logo & album cover for the Back Issues (new local Madison Band) and new Madison Reading Project character illustrations for their My First Pages campaign

Illustrations of kids reading and being read to

What we’re reading

What we’re listening to

What we’re interested in

What we’re buying

  • King cake
  • Banana dog 
  • Wool sweaters for dogs. Pit bulls get chilly in Wisconsin in the winter. 
  • Supplements to support mental health
  • Tiny Tree Houses  - FYI Kelly watercolor’d the surfaces as she built it. Takes around 2-3 hours of build time and helps if you grew up doing lego builds. The instructions are similar. I found this out because I built one with a friend who did not and she super struggled building it. 

A collage of three photos of a tree house at various scales. One is of the treehouse in a potted plant, another is held closer and the third allows you to see through the window and features details such as a fireplace and bead inside the tiny treehouse.

What we’re struggling with

  • Sleep
  • Unlearning feeling guilty about taking care of yourself and shedding our previous hang up on capitalistic values - sharing mental health issues openly to create more empathy cross team and build it as a safe topic in our culture
  • Having a beagle/husky mix who doesn’t mind the -10ºF wind chill
  • Overhead lighting that makes your face look red
  • Making tiny motions that tire out the tiny muscles in our shoulders during physical therapy (ouch)
  • Paper forms and mail in process vs online form submitting
  • Building UI for Tables/Tabs…and make it usable and look good - shit is HARD
  • Balsamiq

What we’re celebrating 

  • Balsamiq
  • New Tiger Team is assembling!
  • My mom, who owns a coffee shop, got a new espresso machine (old one broke). They are now able to froth oat milk
  • Warmer weather - in the near future… (Wisconsin optimism)
  • Colder weather - starting today (Florida/Louisiana problems)
  • Starting up therapy again!

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