Delightful Reveal #34

A weekly update on all things Flagrant

Jack Permenter
By Jack Permenter
September 05, 2023

“It’s very casual and very close to the ground.”

What we did:

  • Worked with our client to get a data export to feed the latest information into our new system
  • Got a new production environment set up to host an application we’ve been developing
  • Prepared and delivered a more-conversational training for early adopters. Relatedly, added a feedback form to the product.
  • Designed a clickable prototype that improves the workflow and efficiency of adding expenses to a quote so we can test the concept and see how it performs with users. Identified research questions and hypotheses for concept testing. Drafted discussion guide and scheduled four participants.
  • Prepared for a workshop to reveal interconnections between our client’s many products. Drafted and redrafted concept models. So many models. Updated slides and Murals, and hand-picked breakout room participants. 
  • Hosted the first local Madison Ruby on Rails Meetup in over 3 years for Mad-Railers.
  • Held a retrospective with our client to gather feedback from our product launch.
  • Attended the Madison Women in Tech: Women and Non-binary folks Job Fair
  • Designed an emails report page to show the user the emails health, engagement and amount raised using various charts and tables.
  • Designing a email send receipt to inform the user the cost of an email broadcast 
  • Illustrated some halloween characters
  • Drew, colored and animated bugs
  • Continued designing website landing page for Madison+ Ruby 2024
  • Worked on completing the Figma course I’m taking.
  • Attended Dan Mall’s “Your Next Component” talk (watch a previous time he gave it here). +1
  • Watched one of Sophia Prater’s talks on Object Oriented UX, “Four UX Fails You Don’t Know You Are Making

What we’re reading:

What we’re watching:

What we’re listening to:

What we’re interested in:

What we’re struggling with:

  • The Chartreuse Shortage (Specifically Yellow Chartreuse)
  • The alley is being torn up and re-surfaced so we made a deal with the city to tear up part of our yard to put in new asphalt. But, after they dug up our yard, they said they aren’t going to fill it with asphalt. So we need to figure out how to get that covered
  • The housing market, still +1000
  • Busy schedule, little amount of spoons
  • Sleep +1
  • vaccination-related soreness
  • Coordinating 8 adults for a trip and building a cohesive and fun fun itinerary

What we’re buying:

  • Duvet cover
  • School supplies
  • Travel supplies for a week in Costa Rica. Butt wipes, binoculars, mosquito repellent, dry bags etc
  • Hiring a plumber to put in new water pipes
  • Cabinet filler 

What we’re celebrating:

  • Sweater weather the last couple of days +1
  • Going to Cow Chip Fest with friends this weekend
  • Going climbing with friends!
  • It’s a boy! (Learned our baby’s sex)
  • Booked a relatively impromptu trip to San Francisco
  • Weathering Hurricane Idalia
  • Being at home for a couple of weekends in a row
  • Launch of the Nashville DataTune Conference landing page with our logo work 🥳
  • Having a new potter join my pottery studio!

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