How GroupCollect expanded to provide stem-to-stern group travel services

GroupCollect and Flagrant partnered to develop working code quickly, but also guided product design

User research, Prototyping, UX/UI Design, Product creation and delivery

A laptop, tablet, and phone screen showing GroupCollect Quotes' supplier page

Client Context

GroupCollect provides a platform that lets tour operators manage participants in group travel experiences—such as school organizations—to collect registration payments. Founder and CEO Corey Black saw an opportunity to grow the business into a stem-to-stern solution that would manage the entire process for group travel, from creating the original quote and collecting registration to making payments and executing tour operations. To achieve this goal, however, GroupCollect would need to build three new applications.

Multiple screen shots displaying UI and design system documentation for GroupCollect Quotes and Supplier Link

The Challenge

GroupCollect’s internal team was busy maintaining and augmenting its flagship application, GroupCollect Register. They had no resources to build GroupCollect Quotes, a quoting and proposal solution, or GroupCollect Ops, which would manage operations post-registration. The company needed a best-in-class consultancy that not only had the technical expertise to build an easy-to-use, multi-tenant SaaS product, but also could conduct a deep dive into end-user research, discover the problems that needed to be solved, and design the solution to those problems.

During the process of Flagrant building Quotes and Ops, GroupCollect further realized a separate effort to build Supplier Link—a multi-day travel marketplace that connects thousands of suppliers with travel professionals—was in trouble.

The Solution

Flagrant provided GroupCollect with:

  • A team of senior developers, designers, and product management who have previously delivered enterprise-grade software
  • Research expertise so the team could fully understand what users needed before designing a solution
  • Transparent communication
  • Software that worked

GroupCollect was so impressed with the progress made on Quotes that it also turned over the development of Supplier Link to Flagrant.

Multiple screen shots of GroupCollect Quotes and Supplier Link screens

The Result

Flagrant quickly delivered working software that aligned with GroupCollect’s vision for the products. Far from acting as an outsourced coding shop, Flagrant conducted valuable user research that formed the basis of the design it provided. 

The project is ongoing, but to date, GroupCollect has made progress on the following:

  • GroupCollect Quotes A SaaS-based, multi-tenant solution that enables professional tour operators to price and create proposals for customers. Delivered on time and currently with early adopters. 
  • GroupCollect Ops is a multi-tenant module that empowers tour operators to manage all aspects of operations once the registration process is completed. It is currently in the early stages of design.
  • GroupCollect Supplier Link A marketplace that connects tour operators with thousands of suppliers. Development is ongoing, and the team is hitting all its milestones. Early adopters who participated in “road tests” were very excited about the opportunity to use Supplier Link to enhance the experience of their teams and customers.

The Crew Responsible

Jonathan Broad, Max Cerrina, Risa Goodman, Jonathan Greenberg, Joyce Hu, Amanda Klusmeyer, Andrew Maier, Yossef Mendelssohn, Kelly Rauwerdink, Jim Remsik, Glynnis Ritchie, Chris Wilson, Lena Yen

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