Many voices. One Flagrant.


The Wonderful(ly Frustrating) World Of RSpec.

My brain is a gosh darn prodigy when remembering stuff like: Chewing gum jingles. Harry Potter spells. Pretty much any SpongeBob episode. Seriously, I can recite word for word (and what I think is pitch for pitch) the striped sweater song. But test specs? Which are a critical part of my...

Amanda Klusmeyer
By Amanda Klusmeyer
December 08, 2020

We Are Here.

Photo by K8 on Unsplash This has been an extraordinary and eventful year. For me it began with the passing of my father and was quickly followed by the fulfillment of a desire to build something new. Although Flagrant technically began in August of 2019 we weren’t able to get started in...

Jim Remsik
By Jim Remsik
November 02, 2020

ActionMailbox - Lessons Learned.

ActionMailbox is a great new feature shipped with Rails 6.0 that allows you to receive emails in your website; a sort of counterpart to sending emails with ActionMailer. ActionMailbox handles the complexities of catching and storing emails and exposes a simple configuration pattern and routing...

Jonathan Greenberg
By Jonathan Greenberg
October 27, 2020