Why I’m going to RailsConf 2024

(and you should, too)

Jim Remsik
By Jim Remsik
May 01, 2024

RailsConf 2024 is set for May 7 – 9. It’s the world’s longest-running conference for Ruby on Rails developers. Attendees will find presentations for all skill levels – new users to seasoned professionals – with everyone discussing, collaborating and learning about building, deploying, testing and the Ruby on Rails ecosystem. I’m so excited that my bag is already packed and waiting by the door. 

But that’s not the only reason I’m going to RailsConf. This year’s edition is being held in The Motor City, Detroit, MI. We’ve been working with Ruby Central to design all the signage, decor and swag for the event. I will confess, this is my first visit to Detroit despite growing up in a car-obsessed family, and even doing a bit of stock car racing in my past, and I am excited to explore the city.

I’ll tell you what I really appreciate about RailsConf, like our Madison+ Ruby conference slated for August 1-2, it offers an inclusive and welcoming environment for all participants. And, of course, how can you resist the opportunity to hangout with so many from our community in one physical space? From getting to know the maintainers of your favorite open source software to meeting new friends and collaborators, every shop and person can benefit from attending. 

I guess that leads to the main reason I’m going to RailsConf 2024 – to connect with you. We may not know it yet, but it’s going to happen. Every RailsConf, I get to refresh existing relationships, and I always make so many new #RubyFriends even after attending more than a dozen Ruby Central events. 

If you’re going to RailsConf 2024 feel free to drop me a line at jim@beflagrant.com. If you’re not, then…why? Check out the RailsConf 2024 website to get tickets and let’s checkout Detroit together.

Be sure to register for Madison+ Ruby, coming August 1-2, an event where people can get involved, be their true selves and explore the weird and wonderful world of Ruby. Visit the conference website for more information and updates!

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