Troubleshooting a Hotwire Caching Issue

Resolving Hotwire Caching Interference for Smooth Tab Navigation

Amanda Klusmeyer
By Amanda Klusmeyer
October 26, 2023


Our current implementation relies on session storage to manage the open “tabs” a user has, and this is leading to improper functioning of the link_to anchor. To provide some context, we offer three tab options that users can click on to display distinct sets of information. Here is what it looks like:

When these tabs are clicked, they interact with a Stimulus controller, which captures and stores the tab’s title. This allows us to seamlessly remember the user’s last position when they return to the page, providing a great user experience. Pretty awesome!

However, there’s a caveat: When we want users to switch between tabs using a ‘link_to’ from somewhere else in the app, session storage can interfere, causing the ‘link_to’ to malfunction. Instead of navigating to the intended destination, it keeps us on the same page, which is far from ideal. Not awesome!

Our Solution:

Turbo offers a way to clear cached data. Our remedy involves creating a Stimulus action that we trigger when the ‘link_to’ is clicked:

#turbo data action on the link_to
data: { action: 'submenu#clearCache' }

#stimulus function that is fired from the data action above
clearCache() {

This prevents the usage of the cached session key value, ensuring we can navigate to the correct tab. Phew, crisis averted 😮‍💨

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