Quick wins:
Problem Discovery

We’ll interview you and 2-3 other key stakeholders to discover the shape of the problem you want to solve, then hold a facilitated workshop to produce a well-defined problem statement that can serve to focus and align your team as it moves towards a solution.



  • An engaging workshop exploring different facets of a complex problem
  • A well-defined problem statement that accurately captures the issue at hand, aligned with business goals and user needs
Improved alignment.
Shared understanding across your team of the problems you’re facing.
Enhanced data-driven decisions.
Reduced risk of pursuing ineffective or misaligned solutions.
Better allocation of resources towards solving the right problems.
Maximize return on investment and put efforts and teams where they need to be.

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Process Discovery

Whether you’re a new business or an well-established one, you want to make sure that every dollar spent on design and engineering is money well-spent.  Interviewing you and key stakeholders, we’ll dive into the context of your business and document your business model and value propositions.  We’ll then benchmark your organization’s product management practices against an industry-leading maturity model and make concrete recommendations on improving your product outcomes.

User Discovery

We’ll observe and interview 2-3 of your users and customers in their own workplaces, getting unique insights into the problems they face and the solutions they favor.  Our contextual inquiry method goes beyond surface-level data, revealing the underlying motivations, pain points, and real-life scenarios that shape user behavior. We’ll take these observations and analyze them in a report filled with actionable insights.