Quick wins:
Accessibility audit

We’ll quickly audit a few of your visual design elements to see what meets standards and what needs some sprucing up. We’ll review common accessibility issues and provide our recommended changes.



  • Report of whether your product meets accessibility standards for headings and labels, color contrast, and alternative text
  • 1–2 mockups of your product with design recommendations and fixes
Increased user engagement.
Removing barriers for current and future users enables them to use your product, regardless of their disabilities.
Enhanced brand image.
Designing for accessibility shows a clear commitment to  inclusion and positively impacts a business’s reputation.

Interested in other design packages?


We’ll collaborate to understand the “why” behind your brand—its strategic direction, higher purpose, and positioning. Have an existing brand that needs a touch-up? We’ll discuss what you want to carry forward or leave behind. We’ll prepare 2-3 concepts. We’ll refine and polish the one you choose with a few more iterations and revision cycles.

Prototype your next big idea

Whether you’re preparing to go to market with an MVP or you’re refining your pitch, it’s time to breathe more life into your concept before committing time and funding to full-on app development. We’ll build a common understanding of the problem, the customer, and the value proposition, then collaborate to render your idea as a shareable, clickable prototype.

Usability testing

We’ll meet with you and 1-3 stakeholders to align on your goals and understand what you want to learn. Once we identify what to test and why, we’ll create a research plan outlining our approach and conduct a moderated 45 minute user session with 5 participants.