Many voices. One Flagrant.


Remember To Breathe.

Take a deep breath in . . . And a long breath out . . . . . How are you doing today? We’ve being doing some powerful work lately and this year is just getting started. I believe that in order to achieve those big dreams we envision, to reach global sustainability within our lifetime,...

Joyce Jia Hu
By Joyce Jia Hu
January 24, 2022

Unstuck Yourself.

We’ve all been there. You have a deadline or a goal that you, or perhaps your boss, desperately wants to meet. But when you sit down all that comes to mind is thoughts of an unending abyss filled with nothingness. We asked our team what things they do when they get stuck so hopefully you’ll...

Jim Remsik
By Jim Remsik
September 01, 2021

We Are Here.

Photo by K8 on Unsplash This has been an extraordinary and eventful year. For me it began with the passing of my father and was quickly followed by the fulfillment of a desire to build something new. Although Flagrant technically began in August of 2019 we weren’t able to get started in...

Jim Remsik
By Jim Remsik
November 02, 2020