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8 months ago

We Are Here

By Jim Remsik

A pair of red converse shoes standing on asphalt

Photo by K8 on Unsplash

This has been an extraordinary and eventful year. For me it began with the passing of my father and was quickly followed by the fulfillment of a desire to build something new. Although Flagrant technically began in August of 2019 we weren’t able to get started in earnest until nearly February 2020.

Julian joined on after an evening of karaoke in Nashville where we were introduced. Kaylee stood out at a portfolio show at Madison College. We’ve spent a good chunk of that time building Bizzy Pages.

We worked with Code For America to provide tax assistance during covid and that enabled us to add known quantities in Jonathan Greenberg and Ben Vandgrift to the team. July offered up the opportunity to add the indomitable Kelly Rauwerdink to help us flaunt our abilities.

2020 isn’t winning any popularity awards but this is the year this team came together and for that I am thankful.