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Delightful Reveal #37

“My mind palace is too full of penguins to hold any user data.” What we did: Saw co-workers in person! Generated a Driver’s Citation Report to assist companies in keeping track of Driver Performance. Added a User Action audit log to a client app Sketched ideas for a...

Delightful Reveal #36

“I think we’re caught in an infinite honk loop.” What we did: Held a multi-product-team workshop focused on concept modeling, as well as a follow-up meeting. Identified shared questions and next steps. Held a research-alignment workshop to agree on the user needs we need to address...

Joyce Jia Hu
By Joyce Jia Hu
September 18, 2023

Delightful Reveal #10

Max: “The Gravitron I LOVE, I could just fall asleep in it.” Yossef: “It’s like the biggest weighted blanket.” Interested in attending Flagrant’s Dev Roundtable or our Design Community? Drop us a note via Contact! What we did: Continued loving ViewComponents and adding responsive...

Joyce Jia Hu
By Joyce Jia Hu
March 20, 2023

Delightful Reveal #8

Suggestion for today’s self care activity: model your stretches based on your pet’s current movements. What we did: Planned and held concept tests with two users. Held a mini-retro during which we updated our “handoff” process between research and design. Created a discovery plan...

Joyce Jia Hu
By Joyce Jia Hu
March 06, 2023

Delightful Reveal 7

me: why isn’t the logger working? g: it’s nighttime. me: what? g: it’s a logger. me: …what? g: it’s a logger. a lumberjack. me: … g: it sleeps all night and it works all day. me: OH MY GOD. Monty Python - Lumberjack Song What we did: Met with John Samuelson...

Joyce Jia Hu
By Joyce Jia Hu
February 24, 2023

Delightful Reveal #6

To the customer that said “Thank you for caring and making it good”, you’re welcome! What we did: Held a management summit. Discussing team expectations so that we can grow our skill sets and clarity on what we all do everyday. Booked tickets/airfare out to...

Jack Permenter
By Jack Permenter
February 20, 2023

Delightful Reveal #5

What’s our secret sauce? Never assume every shark has the same fabric preferences; we need user research! What we did: Performed practice interviews with the Hotel 2022 cohort from LEARN Academy. Kicked off another sprint with a client and built up our backlog of prioritized...

Jim Remsik
By Jim Remsik
February 13, 2023