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24 days ago

Our first offical writer is obsessed with death. How original.

By Morgan Moran

But hey, it’s not what you think! Far from a Plath/Dickinson/Black Sabbath kink, Morgan Moran literally apprenticed at a funeral home for 1 year to learn more about life through death. Yes, she did all the things there.

“If you know me, which you don’t, BUT IF YOU DID, you’d know I have a lot of feelings. I live for connection and expression, and I’ve never been able to apply these passions to death. Which, okay, is a good thing. But as a bleeding soul, I want to experience and feel every part of living. Which includes dying. The ability to see grief up close and learn from loss has been such an invaluable teacher.” Morgan said, quite emo-ly.

Before her leap into funeral work, Morgan served as the Creative Director of an advertising agency in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She found her way to Flagrant through some contractual work to supplement her apprentice income. And then…

“And then, I just fell in love with the people. I had a HOLY SH*T THEY GET IT moment while revising the Employee Handbook and seeing the care they put into mentoring, listening, lifting and taking care of one another. It felt like I took a year-long crash course on how to live, and then was gifted this wonderful team to do it with.”

In her role as Communications Specialist at Flagrant, Morgan will do all the writer things: naming entities, drafting copy, concepting campaign ideas, and sheepishly Googling “when do you use towards vs toward” when asked by a teammate. She graces us from sunny Scotland (heh) and wants you to look up her favorite word: sonder.

Morgan is always excited to blast through non-existent attention spans and get people reading (instead of scanning) copy again. Once settled abroad, Morgan hopes to volunteer at a Scottish funeral home in her free time.

Morgan Moran

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