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Rebooting an Internet Billboard, Building a Community

A Former Client Returns with a Bigger Need

Ten years ago, members of the team at Flagrant built Mark an internet billboard site. The site gave businesses the ability to customize their web pages and increase their exposure. But after ten years, the now outdated site needed a refresh. His vision was to give small businesses a simple way to advertise and connect with customers on a website that would not harvest data. Mark contacted the people he trusted most to rebuild his site, Bizzy Pages, with modern technology and room to expand.

Dashboard of Bizzy Pages
The Challenge

He wanted to connect small businesses with their customers and the public using a website that didn’t harvest data. He needed updated SEO, ability for additional functionality, and a fun, simple interface. He also wanted to educate businesses on building their online presence.

The Solution

Flagrant developed a new site optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet use, with fluid responsive transitions. A focus on accessibility features includes image alt text for screen readers and a contrasting color palette that’s friendly to color-blind users. The team’s site maintenance will keep it running smoothly; regular SEO management will strengthen business rankings in search engines. And, since user privacy and peace of mind are priorities, Flagrant added language assuring users Bizzy Pages is a tracking-free zone.

The Result

With feature-specific functionality, businesses can customize their pages and the site will republish every time they make changes. The community focus, absent from the previous version, allows developers to talk to the community and allows the community to talk to each other. Businesses in the same category can compare notes and offer tips and tricks. Impressively, even before the official launch of Bizzy Pages, a potential customer had already shown interest in white labeling Mark’s site, which would add a new revenue channel. After the soft launch, Mark had nothing but praise for the team at Flagrant.

Thanks to Flagrant, Mark can now offer a brand new community to small businesses and their customers.

SEO form Page
Design of the 400 Page
"It’s pretty remarkable that a 1.0 is so polished!"

- Mark Smith, CEO Bizzy Pages