About Flagrant

Our Reason for Being

Solve serious problems in the most delightful way.

Human achievement has never been more prolific. Human expression has never been more honest. We bring this intersection of smarts and soul to every project.

Brilliant software developed by people who still quote Tommy Boy.

Two things matter here, results and realness.

That means:

Being our most authentic selves.

Humanity is a gift that will never be one-upped by technology. (There may be fart jokes.)

Considering every person who will encounter the technology.

We love involving end-users in the exploratory phases of our development process to ensure the technology works as hard as it can for the people who will one day rely on it.

Taking the fear out of co-parenting your digital baby.

We have a 100% success rate of not dropping a project on its head.

Observing your work flow process in the flesh to invent digital solutions that actually move your organization forward.

Listening. Lightening the mood. Leading you onward.

Walking with you in your mission.

Your contribution to the world becomes our obsession to learn, understand, and endear to everyone.

Pushing you, never pulling you.

Our technology won’t make your bum pucker, but you may get a few flutters in your belly.


Dream wedding table buddies. Ruthless board game opponents. And the kind of people who always remember there is a human being at the end of every email, phone call and Zoom meeting.

Manitowoc, WI
Amanda Klusmeyer
AKA. Owner of the best dog ever


Charlotte, NC
Ben Vandgrift
AKA. Shaman in Residence

Senior Developer

Oxford, WI
Jen Remsik
AKA. Special Projects Maven

Director of People Operations

Oxford, WI
Jim Remsik
AKA. Big Tiger

Founder & CEO

Black Mountain, NC
Jonathan Greenberg
AKA. Lead Specter

Senior Developer

Diamond Bar, CA
Joyce Jia Hu
AKA. Official Diplomat of Cloud Cuckoo Land

Admin Assistant

Bath, England
Julian Cheal
AKA. Chief Tweediness

Señor Developer

Madison, WI
Kaylee Winsand
AKA. Ambassador of Laughter

Lead Designer

Madison, WI
Kelly Rauwerdink
AKA. Captain Razzle Dazzle

Creative Director

Fairfax, VA
Yossef Mendelssohn
AKA. Obstinate Craftsman

Senior Developer

Is there an open seat for me?

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